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No 65          

9th October 1823       


His excellency the Governor having caused a communication to be made to me yesterday that he regretted he could not comply with my request respecting the grant of 5000 acres of Land ordered by Lord Bathurst.  But that it would give him pleasure to give me a lease of the whole or any portion of the reserved Lands of Cawdor on the terms advertised in the Colonial Gazette -- with an additional condition that should orders be hereafter received, from His Majesty's Government in England, to grant me any portion of the aforesaid Lands orders should be immediately carried into effect and the proposed lease considered null and void as far as the same may extend to ny lands so ordered to be granted.

In answer I beg leave to return my best thanks, and to signify my readiness to accept His Excellency's obliging offer.   That is to say, Five thousand acres for myself to the North ward and West ward of Lower Camden and for my sons James and William Macarthur the remaining six Thousand  Seven hundred acres should the reserved lands be found to contain so much.

I have the honor to be
etc.  etc.  etc.
Signed  John Macarthur

Frederick Goulburn Esqr
etc.  etc.  etc.


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