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Colonial Government, by which he has been permitted to occupy nearly Ten thousand acres of Crown land, adjoining his own estate, rendered it unnecessary for him to trouble your Lordship with an earlier application.

The probability, however, that this Tract may soon be granted given away with other districts of the County of Camden, and that he will be thereby confined to narrower boundaries that he has hitherto occupied, induces him to appeal to your Lordship, to consider whether he has not entitled himself to the full encouragement that was originally promised, and to the possession of a property property sufficiently extensive to establish and perfect the growth of Merino wool, and the cultivation of the Vine and Olive in which he has more recently engaged.

Believed Under the belief that a most valuable export might be obtained, the returns of which would increase the demands for labour, and gradually prepare the Colonists to depend upon their own exertions, he has, for several years, exerted himself to diffuse the fine woolled sheep throughout the country, and to provide a regular supply for industrious and newly arrived settlers.

His own flocks have been for during a considerable time stationary at 7,000, and beyond this number it is not possible for him to advance, even with his present means of supporting them; whilst the reduction of these facilities in the


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