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allotment next to us, marked 1600 Acres, was reserved for Church and School lands; the excluding of this was obvious - in that situation a Church and School could not be wanted as the whole district was in my hands and in those of a few individuals, seven in number, and their lands wd. probably come to us. But on the other side of the Nepean there are many properties, and the land reserved for Publick purposes -. On Mr Oxley's Estate, and contiguous to it, there is coarse land well situated for a Church and School, the contiguous land might be cheaply purchased, 1600 Acres be offered to Govt for that reserved part wh joins his Estate and mine, and it is altogether the best 1600 Acres in the Cow Pastures. All this I explained to Sir Thomas, and as he [indecipherable] land Mr O's character & speaks of him with great contempt he said, I shall not listen to such as trustworthy as that of providing a Church for people with

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