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present stage of their progress, would wholly frustrate the regular system he has it has been found it necessary to adopt for the improvement of the breed. For altho' the introduction of artificial grasses might certainly may enable the agriculturist to support, upon the same extent of soil, a greater number of sheep than it is capable of maintaining in its natural state, yet the previous necessity of clearing and cultivating the land, a most expensive and laborious operation in a new country, must always render such an undertaking slow and progressive. And besides, to give the Merino sheep every advantage of constitution and size, without injury to the distinguishing peculiarities of the fleece, it is essentially necessary that they should enjoy a large range of Pastures for exercise food and food exercise and be secured by constant and vigilant superintendance, from all hazard of intermixture with coarse woolled flocks.

These objects, my Lord, can only be fully secured by the possession of connected grants, for if under the necessity of retiring further into the Interior, he will not merely be obliged to expend a large capital in the erection of Houses and Farm buildings, such as he has are now completed at the Cow Pastures, but he will be compelled to leave his divided establishments to the care of strangers, and to the chances of mismanagement.

Some of the lands in the County of Camden are


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