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every obstruction was to be attributed to Major Goulburn. That that Officer had always acted upon a system of creating division & ill will between His Excellency and the most respectable Colonists, which was particularly manifested in his conduct towards you. That in addition to this general feeling he was under the influence of the deepest rancour & animosity towards you, occasioned principally I believe, by your having endeavoured to support His Excellency's authority, by making you applications directly to him instead of first cringing to the Secretary and courting his favor & support.

 Sir Thomas replied, Yes, the blame is all with him. I shall be glad of your father's writing me an official letter stating that notwithstanding my assurance of having ordered Major Goulburn to write him a letter on the subject of the lands, no communication has been received by him from that office. Let Major G. then account for his negligence in the best way he can. He is responsible for it. I have nothing to do with it. I have continual complaints of their dilatoriness in that office. Perhaps his silence may not arize from any other cause. He is always dilatory.

I replied, Not always Sir, and having Major Goulburn's letter of the 2nd January in my pocket, I pointed out the concluding paragraph, requiring your answers by return of the Messenger. Sir Thomas said this alludes to the leases. It is another affair - "I only pointed it out Sir to show the promptness with which Major Goulburn can act when he pleases" and also to

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