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little good land to the westward of the House in the whole allotment.

There can be no doubt that Major Goulbourne is the sole cause of all the difficulty, and Mr Oxley is a subordinate agent, altho' he is in disgrace with Govt but as the Secy has frightened him completely he will probably use him hence forward as a [indecipherable] Ass - if you ask in what the Secretary's enmity to me first originated I can only conjuncture - but I do strongly suspect Mr Bigge sowed the seeds of it - he was fearful I might gain an influence and protest some of the orders he gave being attended to - be that as it may he, is an Enemy forever, and a dangerous one he is - powerful - cold blooded - malignant and offensive - never was there a man more universally detested - no one speaks a good word of him, but his Parasite and fletchman 

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