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I said that I was not authorized to show the original Note, and that from feelings of respect & regard for him I was perhaps even now overstepping the bounds of propriety. That he might perceive the writer was friendly towards His Excellency & influenced by the same feeling which had induced me to show him the extract.

Sir Thomas replied that he was extremely obliged that he should never feel offended by any suggestion I might make to him as he knew our feelings towards him and he hoped we were equally sensible of his regard for us. That you might rely he wants no longer be trifled with, his orders should be obeyed. The Ocean sails on Tuesday Sir Thomas and if the affair be not settled before her departure many months may elapse without another direct vessel. Only consider, Sir, what may be the consequence of such apparent inattention on your part to My Lord Bathurst's orders. "I will go to Sydney on Monday. I will see Major Goulburn again".

"Could you not sign an order yourself, Sir, without reference to Major G?" Yes, certainly. Write and tell your father what I have said. Let him write the Official Letter. Meet me at Sydney on Monday. I will not sanction injustice. If Major G. has not obeyed my order, I will write your father a Letter in my own hand from his Office. Bring yr father's official letter with you open, perhaps it may be unnecessary to use it, but at all events, bring it & let me see it, and pray assure yr father he need not now doubt. Neither Major Goulburn, Mr Oxley, nor any one else shall prevent his being put in possession of the land as quickly as possible".

Here ended our Conversation.

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