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short of the quantity in the Cawdor estate - and for this I proposed to give Rams or otherĀ  stock - of course I should have been glad to have carried the line forms and for the South line of the South Camden - but as that would have made a larger surplus, I thought it more prudent to fix on the boundary of Upper Camden, more particularly as the land left out can never be of any value but to us - and I felt assured I should hereafter be able to obtain the grant of it. I therefore confined myself to securing the low lands which are much sought after and [indecipherable] up more than they deserve for there is much better land to be had in the new country and at Hunter's River. To the Plan I submitted Sir Thomas gave a searching and full appreciation, declaring that it afforded him the sincerest pleasure &c to increase the value of my Estate - and he regretted that any part of the Cow Pastures was granted out of my family and hoped the whole would ultimately fall into our hands, because we deserved it and would make a use

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