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their Lordships having been satisfied on these points and of the utility of the undertaking, recommended my father's plans to the notice of Lord Camden, the Secretary of State for the Colonies, who was pleased to interest himself in their success, and to direct that he should be allotted Ten Thousand acres at the Cow Pastures; situation selected from a consideration, that he would be there far removed from the settled parts of the Colony, and consequently less exposed to interruption from idle and ill regulated neighbours.

From The annexed paper, marked A will explain to your Lordship will find that this grant was subsequently reduced from Ten to five thousand acres, but that my father was expressly promised the former quantity or a greater expressly promised as soon as his flocks should be increased to require it. When I before submitted this document to Mr Goulburn, I mentioned that I had, in the first instance, shewn it to Mr  Watson Taylor, who distinctly remembered recollected what passed in 1804, and who had authorized me to assure your Lordship, that he was ready to of his readiness to confirm the correctness of the Statement.

Sixteen years, my Lord, have now elapsed since the Grant of five thousand acres was made; to my father; and altho' my fathers flocks have long been so numerous as to require more extensive pastures, the indulgence of the


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