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Minutes respecting Grant of Land 

[In pencil]
Jan. 29, 1823

On the 22d of last November the Eliza arrived and brought your letters enclosing the letter from J W Wilmot. I was then at Camden entertaining Sir Thomas Brisbane who had paid us a visit to see the Sheep Shearing, but as a report of an arrival had reached us we returned to Parramatta the next day. The morning after I saw Sir Thomas Brisbane and learnt that he had a letter to the same effect as the letter to you - Sir Thos expressed the greatest satisfaction at its contents - and said "Now I know Lord Bathurst's opinion I need not hesitate to tell you, that it is more than a month since I determined to make you an offer of the whole of the reserved lands at the Cow Pastures, for which I would have taken Rams or Bulls for the improvement of the Government flocks and Herds - By the reserved Land, Sir Thomas indicated a tract of 10.-700 acres which you will see unshaded in the Chart, and bounded by the River Nepean and West Cawdor - Brisbane (that I received

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