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Inner Temple, July 21st 1823


I take the liberty of requesting you will be pleased to submit to Earl Bathurst, that having learned from the Reports of the Commissioner of Inquiry, and particularly from the Third, on the State of "Agriculture and Trade in New South Wales" that "the sale of lands, contiguous to grants made upon real capital", was recommended as a measure likely to prove "very beneficial to Settlers, and also to be productive of Revenue to the Crown" (3 Rep 40) I was induced to lay a proposal before His Lordship, on behalf of my father, for the purchase of such Crown lands, adjoining his property in the County of Camden, as might remain ungranted, after the location to him of the five thousand acres, directed to be given in a Dispatch, transmitted to the Colony in July 1822. The principal reasons on which I solicited for him this indulgence, were the great facilities that would arise from the possession of

R. Wilmot Horton Esqr
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