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"I am very happy tell Mr Macarthur I always intended this Land for him, - let him write immediately to Major Goulburn" - I did so (No 4) and I heard he dined with the Governor the same day, - Sulky and silent - You will observe this letter is dated 9th of Octr 1823. From that time until the 13th of Decr I heard nothing more on the subject, and I cautiously avoided agitating it, being in constant and anxious expectation of my Lord Bathurst's decision. On the day I have named I received the letter (No 5) dated 6 Decr and as the Secretary had taken nearly two months to consider how he should reply to my letter I determined not to hurry myself in answering him. On the 22nd Decr I received the short tart letter (No 6) replied very quietly that I had posponed acknowledging receipt of his first letter intending to explain myself in person to Sir Ths Brisbane on its contents. Sir Ths had sent me two messages the day before - one by his aid de Camp that he would call & see me after my return from Camden the other by William that he was very anxious to see me. Yet when I signify my intention to wait upon him he suffers Mr Secretary to insult me and declines receiving my visit.

If you will examine your Chart you will find that, altho' there was no objection to Grant me all the reserved Land a Thousand acres around Cawdor was to be withheld. (I suppose the

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