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for it Sir" - "By thus sanctioning Major G's letter you make yourself a party to the insult to my Lord Bathurst. Mark what will be the result Sir - & you will then know, (what you seem to be ignorant of at present) who are your friends & who your enemies" - "Good morning Sir".

When in the Secretary's office, I saw Major Goulburn & Oxley in close consultation over a chart & Harrington in waiting. All these folk are very likely parties in the affair. CaptnĀ Irvine you know goes home in the Ocean.

I saw Oxley in the street afterwards & was very cool in my manner to him. Soon after came the accompanying letter which knowing his character is proof positive of what he has been about. I think it will be advisable to consider well before any reply is sent to the Letter & to be very quick about it. The Guilford will I trust be here soon. We may even

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