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some extracts from it. I am making out a statement of Mr Field's conduct and character myself to send to my Friends in England in case they should attempt to attack me there, and your Father's opinion in confirmation of my own would much oblige me". I replied that I would mention it to you and that I doubted not you would have much pleasure in complying with his request". You advised me (if you remember, not to give a Copy).

During the foregoing conversation I took occasion to show the Governor John's letter of advice by the "Asia" - which he read without remark. I also when Sir Thomas dwelt upon "the unfortunate misunderstanding existing between yourself and Major Goulburn" produced the two last letters from the latter and asked whether such productions wise not alone capable of causing much irritation. He read them and said Major Goulburn had certainly a most unfortunate style in addressing persons and attempted to explain away the one refusing the interview rather unsatisfactorily I thought. After some other

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