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Acres - When Governor Macquarie left the Colony the whole tract, named by him Cawdor, had no divisions marked on it. These allotments were only measured a few months ago - for reasons that will be in part explained as I proceed - and we trust substitute conjecture for evidence where we have it not.

When Sir Thomas Brisbane paid his first visit to me at Camden he spoke of the folly of the establishment at Cawdor. Major Goulburn was present and agreed with him - the Govn said, as that land is much sought after I shall grant it away. At that time I know of your interested application for the land due to me, and I thought it prudent to explain my claim to him - he answered, there can be no doubt of your claims being admitted and when I do back up Cawdor you shall be first thought of - This was enough - The Secry and Mr Oxley were at that time warm friends. Soon after, the divisions that I here described were made, and Mr Oxley announced that the allotment

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