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[disre]garded". Why I confess I see the affair as you do, answered he, but what can I do?

"The Officers whom I think myself bound to consult think differently and they are responsible" - Tired and disgusted I said, "well Sir Thomas, when will you give me the land "Why let me see, what is this marked 4980 acres, I think I should not object to that, and if you take it then I will give you the occupation of all Cawdor as soon as I can remove the Govt Flocks. I shall never grant an acre of it, I have your interest too much at heart and you deserve all the assistance and encouragement in my power". "I am much obliged Sir Thomas but I must decline taking that land, you well know how bad a large portion of it is, and that there is no good water I regret that you should make me such an offer" Answer

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