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risk of loss or interruption from neighbouring Settlers."

I will not dwell upon this Topic: being well aware that Your Excellency has always considered the increase, purity and progressive improvement of my flocks, objects of great public importance, and has been long aware that the vigilant superintendence of my sons, (which has been rendered much more difficult from the situation of the Estates of other gentlemen and the interpositives of fences against the trespassesĀ and contamination of adjoining diseased or unimproved Sheep will be the best security against a recurrence of evils, that have more than once alarmed as for the safety of the whole Establishment.

The Grants of 1150 Acres each given to my Sons James & William, by Your Excellency's predicessor and a considerable portion of the upper part of Brisbane are from their want of water andĀ 

Current Status: