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them during such a drought. To this I assured "They would sustain more injury by remaining than they would be during their removal and that Mr Wild had assured me about a fortnight previously that unless rain speedily came to their relief they must be removed".

I then told His Excellency "we had certain information of a Cabal formed amongst several individuals to endeavour to obtain the reservation of a portion of the Land as a Common, and that I felt assured he would see by referring to Lord Bathurst's original dispatch that such a measure would be in opposition both to its letter and spirit". 

The Governor immediately answered "Such an attempt would be quite fruitless. I have but one course to pursue - to obey my instructions, which are to put your Father in immediate possession of the whole. It is true there may be some minor points for after discussion such as Buildings, Fences &c which if we cannot agree upon we must refer home but in the meantime your Father must have possession. If I had orders to give him the Government Domain here I must comply altho' I might remonstrate 

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