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No 87, 88                                                                                315

West by Mount Hunter, in the South by Brisbane and on the east by West Camden, reserving however for public purposes a tract enclosing all the paddocks around Cawdor, and another of Six hundred acres being the land hitherto set apart for a Church and School, on your agreeing to [indecipherable] in return the quit rent of a Shilling Stirling the acre to be perpetual or at your option to be redeemable at twenty years purchase.

I have the honor to be 
Your Obedient Servt
(Signed   F Goulburn

John Macarthur Esqr

10th March 1824


I should long ere this have done myself the honor to answer your letter to me from the  Colonial Secretary's Office bearing date the 17th ultimo.  But that the surprise excited by its contents induced me to think it most prudent to wait until I should receive the official reply of the Earl Bathurst to the application of my son for an extension and further confirmation of his Lordship's orders [indecipherable] to the grant of Land at Cawdor.  The expected letter I have had the satisfaction

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