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object of having a tract of Country for preserving my Flocks in their purest state of purity and of perfection without incurring the risk of loss or interruption from the establishment of neighbouring Settlers."

Adverting to the wise and liberal policy of His Lordship's instructions, and assured that your Excellency must ere this have discovered the extreme difficulty of preserving an improved breed of animals from an intermixture with neglected and degenerate ones, I once more respectfully entreat permission to solicit, that you will be pleased to comply with the Earl Bathursts orders in my favor by granting me Five Thousand Acres to the Southward and Northward of West Camden.

I have the Honor to be
Your Excellency's
Most obedient Servant

(Signed) John Macarthur

His Excellency
Sir Thomas Brisbane, K.C.B.
&c &c &c

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