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No. 80                                                                                     311

21st Jany 1824


I take the liberty to acquaint Your Excellency I have this day been informed that the Dispatch from the Earl Bathurst containing His Lordship's orders to grant me the reserve d Lands of Cawdor was certainly forwarded by the Sir Godfrey Webster, I am therefor induced to conjecture that in the hurry of business and amidst the mass of other public papers, this one may have escaped observation -  Under this impression I trust I need offer no apology for respectfully soliciting that it may be sought for and that you will be pleased to give orders for carrying into effect his Lordship's instructions.

As your Excellency is apprised of the general distress which at present prevails from want of pasturage in consequence of the long continued drought, I feel assured of every assistance in your power being afforded to me; and as my difficulties are much increased and my valuable flocks of sheep exposed to great danger, at this very trying season I encourage the hope that measures will be adopted for their relief.

Permit me to add that the Government [Hirds?] stationed at Cawdor are suffering very severely, and that their early removal to the

His Excellency
Sir Thomas Brisbane K.C.B
etc. etc.  etc.

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