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of pastoral into Agricultural Districts would take place.

This which to us appears the natural course of civilisation, it must be the object and intention, we conceive of the Government Land Regulations to carry out and encourage. By suffering isolated small patches of land to be sold, in situations remote from the Towns and Police Stations, - not only must such intentions and policy be defeated, and the spirit of the Regulations violated, by the carrying on, furtively and dishonestly of grazing, instead of Agricultural pursuits; but in secluded places, in Mountain & remote districts, such as Burrah Burrah, an organised system of Cattle & horse stealing, Sly grog selling, and other Criminal practices would be established, of much more dangerous character than that carried on some years since, by unauthorised occupants of Crown Lands, the suppression of which caused so much expense and trouble.

We unhesitatingly assert that the cultivation of grain in the neighbourhood of 

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