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cutting off the upper part which I proposed to resign with James & Williams land, in all as I have before said about 4600 Acres - you cannot mistake the line. The Green line above runs in the direction of the S. Camden boundary, and includes the land I proposed hereafter to try to obtain - Sir Thomas took the letter and Chart and having read the one, and examined the other, expressed his approval, and said he should go to Sydney and order the land to be measured directly - from this time there were a thousand tales in circulation and Mr Oxley above all, busy and intriguing to counteract me . That you may better understand I must advert to what had been done to me months before. In the Chart you will observe a line running through the Cawdor Estate, the line extends from East to West commencing at the West line of So. Camden and extending to Mt Hunter Creek. This fm the foot of the Brisbane Estate includes a tract of 4980 Acres - it is so marked in the

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