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No 88

you that to avoid further discussion, His Excellency is prepared to give the largest latitude to the letter of Lord Bathurst's late dispatch and to surrender into your possession so soon as the Cattle can be removed, the whole district (with the exception of the premises of Cawdor) supposed to consist of Ten Thousand seven Hundred (10,700) Acres bounded by the river Nepean, Mount Hunter Creek - Brisbane and West Camden, on your entering into due security with the Crown Solicitor to make any reparation that His Majesty's Ministers shall award for the sacrifice which may have been made of the Public weal through misinterpretation of the Spirit of His Lordship's instructions.

I have the honor to be 
Your Obedient Servant
(Signed  T Goulburn

John Macarthur Esqr

Current Status: 
Ready for review