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at the terms, Sir, on which the land is offered they are in direct opposition to Lord Bathurst's instructions" - "Ha, how so" - "I should beg to suggest to yr Excellency that a referrence to his Lordship's Dispatch would be the best means of satisfying yourself on that head".

"Well then let your father write me another Letter stating the points of difference and it shall be attended to -"  "You think he cannot  take it on these terms"? "Certainly not Sir, I did hope that your Excellency could never have sanctioned such a letter. It is disrespectful, contemptuous & insulting, to Lord Bathurst & certain to produce the most serious ill consequences" - "Very well let your father write me a another Letter stating these points: it shall be attended to" - "The Ocean sails on Thursday Sir" - "Oh you may send home that letter (Major G's of the 17th) you know" - "I am quite aware of that Sir"  (a pause) " Then your Excellencys desire is that my father should again write to you" - "Yes" - "I am sorry for

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