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nature to require more particular apology, if I did not trust to your Lordship's indulgence, to pardon the great anxiety I feel for the promotion of plans, to which my father has devoted the greater part of his life, and in the ultimate success of which he has been led to believe that the welfare of the Colony is materially concerned.

Recurring, therefore, to these circumstances, I cannot but entertain a sanguine hope I confidently but respectfully trust that he will not be thought undeserving of the patronage and protection of His Majesty's Government of your Lordship's protection and that according to the original intentions & promise of Govt lands will be imtentions, your Lordship will be pleased to order that lands may be granted him granted him in the vicinity of his present establishments at Camden, where he can most easily pursue the system he has founded, or undertake the management of any other public object that your Lordship may think best entrusted to the care and skill of an Individual.

I have the honor to be, My Lord,
Your Lordship's most obedient
and most humble Servant.

John MacArthur Jn.

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