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declined, See No 8 - Altho there was no objection to leasing all Cawdor - yet now 1000 acres is to be reserved round Cawdor (I suppose the silly animal meant round the Buildings) and an equal area from the boundary of West Camden to Hassals Crossing place (see Chart now sent) by which means all the most valuable Land would be withheld, and it should be expend to have all the vile and diseased stock of the Colony depastured on these Commons in the Heart of my Estate - Without entering into any discussion respecting the shameful attempt to evade the undecided offer of the whole of Cawdor I sought only to gain time - (No 9) - If my first question had been answered, I should not have found it difficult to start a few more difficulties, but what I most relied upon was the apprehension of Mr Sect and his dread of giving any written answer respecting the currency.

On the 17th the Sir Godfrey Webster arrived with ten most welcome Letters. The next day James waited on the Governor to present him with the new Act of Parliament, and if possible to find out, whether the Dispatch from Lord Bathurst was received - Sir Thomas had no Letters - no dispatches 

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