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1 Letter from Governor Lachlan Macquarie, dated 17th Aug. 1819, conferring a Grant of Land of 1000 acres to James and William Macarthur P. 1
2 Letter from Governor Macquarie to John Macarthur dated 9th Oct. 1820 consenting to the exchange of land at Seven Hills, Pennant Hills, and Cabramatta, for an equal quantity at Camden 4
3 Receipt signed by John Oxley, dated 1st March 1821, for Deeds of Grant of Land to Joseph Foveaux and others, purchased by John Macarthur, for the purpose of being cancelled, and other lands being granted in lieu thereof to John Macarthur, in the county of Camden. With chart of the Cowpastures, drawn by John Oxley. 6      8
4 Letter from John Macarthur, Jun. to Earl Bathurst, dated the 8th Oct. 1821, submitting a claim for a further Grant of Land, to his father, John Macarthur. 11


5 Draft of the above Letter 20
6 Letter from Henry Goulburn, Under Secretary, dated 10th Oct. 1821, in answer to John Macarthur Jr's Letter of the 8th Oct. 1821 28
7 F Goulburn, Col. Sec. to John Macarthur, dated Feb 9, 1822 30
8 Letter from John Oxley dated 29th March 1822 to John Macarthur respecting the Grant of Brisbane Estate, Camden, for Flock of Rams sent to V.D.L. 34
9 Letter to R. Wilmot, Under Secretary, dated 12th July 1822, informing John Macarthur Jun., that Earl Bathurst had decided to make additional Grant of 5000 acres to his father, John Macarthur. 37
10 Copy of Letter (above) 41
11 Copt of Letter to John Macarthur to His Ex. Sir T. Brisbane, dated 29th Nov. 1822, representing new Grant of 5000 acres and general consolidation of Land in the Cowpastures. 43
12 Letter from John Macarthur to His Ex. Sir T. Brisbane, dated 20th Dec. 1822, respecting the Grant of an additional 5000 acres of land 47
  Copies of 11 - 12 49,53
13 Letter from John Macarthur dated 29th Jan. 1812, to His Ex. Sir T. Brisbane respecting the additional Grant of 5000 acres at the Cowpastures. 54
14 Minutes respecting Grants of Land - (Evidently a copy of the Minutes forwarded to John Macarthur Jun, Jan. 1823), with 3 enclosures, copies of letters Nov. 24, Dec. 20, 1822, Jan. 29, 1823 66
15 Additional memorandum respecting Land in Cowpastrures, 1822 108
16 Letter from F, Goulburn, Col. Sec. dated 11th Feb. 1823, to John Macarthur, informing him that His Ex, the Governor had instructed the Surveyor-General to measure to you, 5000 acres adjoining your property at the Cowpastures 133
17 Copy of Letter from John Macarthur, dated 12th Feb. 1823, acknowledging F. Goulburn's letter of the 11th Feb, 1823. 135
18 Letter from John Macarthur Jun. dated Lond. 21st July 1823, to R. Wilmot Horton respecting a Grant of 5000 acres at Camden to his father, John Macarthur. 136
19 R. Wilmot Horton's reply to above, August 19, 1823 144
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