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Camden, March 20th 1824


I do myself the honor to acknowledge the receipt of a letter from the Colonial Secretary, dated the 17th Instant, on the subject of the Estate of Cawdor; and I am constrained to say that, not withstanding I have given it the most attentive consideration, I am unable to comprehend what can be meant, by requiring me to give security to make any reparation, that His Majesty's Ministers shall award, for the sacrifice which may have been made of the Public Weal, through misinterpretation of the spirit of His Lordship's instructions.

But as I am also told, that Your Excellency "is prepared to give the largest latitude to the letter of Lord Bathurst's late Dispatch" - and as I have reason to be convinced, that the Dispatch alluded to, is expressed in terms as clear and intelligible, as the spirit with which it was dictated, is liberal and enlightened - perhaps the most effectual mode I can adopt, to relieve your Excellency from all further trouble on a subject, that I am well aware, has been as little

His Excellency
Sir Thomas Brisbane K.C.B.
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