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of Burrah Burrah does not afford the means of support, to small farmers that when cultivated, it has been either by parties occupying the adjacent lands for grazing, or employed as Watchmen or Innkeepers, or having some other direct or indirect means of subsistence independent of the cultivation of the soil, and that a system of small farms cannot, at present be advantageously established in that neighborhood.

For what purpose, then can such small farms be applied for other than the covert or dishonest objects to which we have adverted, unless in exceptional cases by parties ignorant of the actual character and circumstances of the Country?

The sale of small farms especially in isolated situations, must, on the other hand, operate most injuriously to the larger landed proprietors, and occupants of Crown Lands under presumptive lease, who would thereby be inevitably subjected to vexations and destructive trespass, to infection of their stock with Catarrh, Scab, or other disease without a possibility of prevention or redress, to say nothing of the evil effects

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