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a livelihood, by corrupting my Servants and pleading The Estate - The Govr. are very happy - he always intended this Land for me - I was to write without loss of time to the CSy. (I did so No 4). From the time that Letter was written until the 13 of Decr I heard nothing more upon the subject, and I avoided agitating it being in daily expectation of my Lord Bathursts decision. On the day I have named I received (No 5) dated 6th of Decr - and as the Secretary had taken nearly two months to consider the answer to me I thought myself at liberty to take a little time for reflection also - On the 22 Decr I recd the next Letter (No 6) to which I replied very quickly (No 7) - Sir Thomas Brisbane had sent me two messages the day before that Letter was written - one by His Aid de Comp, that he would call and see me as soon as I returned from Camden - the other by William, that he was very anxious to see me - (we have never met since my Letter of remonstrance, dated Jany 23). Yet when I wrote to Mr Secretary to signify my intention to wait upon the Secy he is permitted to insult me, and my visit is

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