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use of it that the Public would be most essentially served by - Sir Thomas had gone over the Cawdor Estate with me more than once - and as he is really a fair judge of land, he saw how much its merits have been overrated - but at the same time, was equally aware how important it is to us to consolidate our Land, and that in fact our improvements must be much retarded, and even endangered by Lands, on which spurious bred animals are kept, being intermixed with ours - he also knew that the delusion was artfully kept up by those, who from envy wished to obstruct my plans.

I was desired to write him a letter stating what I proposed to give up and what I wanted, and to accompany the letter with a Chart with the South Boundary I wished marked upon it. I did so immediately and delivered him this Chart - the letter is dated the 29th of November, and the Copy I sent you, is No 1. The line of the Boundary I wished is marked in Red: and runs through the Estate of Brisbane

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