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Range of the Blue Mountains, within a very short distance of the Watershed, at a probable height of 3500 feet above the sea, and 1500 feet above the Township of Goulburn, the nearest market for agricultural produce, from which they are from thirty to forty miles distant, over a broken, and in many places, difficult Country, - and from the great elevation, Spring & Summer frosts frequently destroy the Wheat crops.

(2nd) That these small farms are applied for in isolated situations, and on distant sections, so that each forty acres sold would, in this instance, establish a Commonage right over the residue of the Section, varying in extent from 600 to 1100 or 1200 acres, the object being evidently to obtain at the smallest outlay the command from grazingĀ of the largest possible extent. Not unfrequently, as we are credibly informed, to effect an apparent compliance. With the Instructions, two or more farms are applied for, while one only is intended to be purchased.

(3rdly) That a large extent of land is still in the possession of the Crown, within easy distance and access of the Township of Goulburn, equal, if not superior, in quality of soil, and from 100 to 1500 feet lower, so

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