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Arrived outside Friedrich Wilhelmshafen at about 8-0am.   The "Encounter" had previously gone ahead under the White Flag and sent off a steam cutter with Staff Captain Travers and the Interpreter (Mr. Lyng) with flag of truce to meet the principal  Official and hand  him a letter from the Admiral and also copy of the terms of surrender by Governor of German New Guinea.   Captain Travers returned with 3 German Residents who gave an assurance that the place was not mined and was undefended.   The channel was swept for mines.   The 3 German residents, together with Administrator, visited the Flagship and had an interview with the Admiral when the original agreement was explained to them.

At 11-0 am the "Encounter" and the "Berrima" entered Wilhelmshafen.   As soon as the "Berrima" had dropped anchor the Administrator and Staff went on shore and removed the German Imperial Flag which was flying on the Administration Buildings, and hoisted the Union Jack in its place.   In the meantime the Garrison Troops, consisting of 1 ½  Coys, Infantry and  ½  Coy. Naval Reserves under command of Major Martin, also   a detachment of the A.M.C. under Captain Byrne, were landed and guards posted.   All German residents were taken prisoner numbering   4 Officials and 13 others.   All took the oath of neutrality.   Arrangements were made to clear 2 large stores of the New Guinea Company of goods so that they might be used as barracks for the troops.   The Proclamation was also issued.   Two months rations  and other stores for the garrison were landed and the "Berrima" and "Encounter" left the Harbour at 5-15 p.m.   

At 3-30 p.m. the Administrator sent the following signal to the Admiral:-

"Garrison posted, all in suitable quarters.   Flag hoisted, Proclamation read.   17 Germans surrendered; 4 of these are Officials who will probably be employed.   the  others are Planters, Missionaries and business men, all of whom have taken oath of neutrality.   Chief Official not yet in but has been sent for."

The Admiral replied "Congratulate you on rapidity and satisfactory result."

At 7-0 p.m. ther Administrator sent the following message to the Minister for Defence:-

"Troops under my command occupied Kaiser Wilhelmsland today without opposition.   Flag hoisted, Proclamation issued; principal Official absent; 4 officials and 13 other Germans surrendered; all subscribed oath of neutrality.   The Officials will be temporarily engaged assist administration; others are Planters, Missionaries, Business Men; 40 fighting men left Wilhelmshafen fortnight ago reinforce German Troops New Britain  but arrived after capitulation - now prisoners at Rabaul.   Found private stores well stocked.   Health of troops excellent.   returning Rabaul - "Holmes"

At 8-40 a.m. the following signal was received from the Admiral:-

"I cannot guarantee any  facilities for deporting prisoners from the Islands."

This message has evidently been sent Administrator because the latter could not see his way  yesterday to fall in  with the Admiral's views as to modifying at Friedrich Wilhelmshafen the provision in the agreement of capitulation as to placing no obstacle in the way of Officials returning to

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