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The Administrator left the "Berrima" to take up his residence at Government House, Namanula.

At 10-0 a.m. Dr. Haber - Ex-Governor - arrived from Herbertshohe to interview the Administrator.   He was handed a letter from the Vice-Admiral stating that offensive action would be taken against any German possessions harboring the German Men-'o- war, and that the terms of capitulation would not apply in this instance.

At 2-0 p.m. the Vice-Admiral visited the Administrator.   The Collier "Koolonga" is returning to Sydney and an opportunity will be taken to send prisoners under guard, also a mail, by this boat.   The V.A.C. also suggested that  the 4.7 gins on the "Berrima" be landed and mounted at the entrance to Blanche Bay; the Administrator readily accepted and the Naval Board is being asked to approve of this.

All the troops remaining on the "Berrima", with the exception of   ½ Coy. of Naval Reserves, were landed and quartered in Rabaul.

The P.M.O. reports that the health of the troops at Herbertshohe and Rabaul continues satisfactory.

The strange Gunboat reported to have been sighted from Herbertshohe, and referred to in yesterday's diary, was found on investigation to be H.M.A.S. "Protector".

Current Status: