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Sunday, 1st November: at Lanan 9 bosses and Luluis lined up with their tribes and the situation was explained to them. Two boys were punished here with ropes end, one receiving 10 and the other 15 strokes. At Katu Plantation six boys were punished with ropes end receiving 90 strokes between them. At Captain Macio's place, Kapsu, the situation was explained to three bosses and their tribes, also to all the plantation boys. Six boys were punished here with ropes end receiving 70 strokes between them. Four Marys here were sentenced to one week's prison with hard labor in the plantation. A Kanaka boss named Wassangulo was fined 50 marks for refusing to send one of his boys who had run away back to the plantation when ordered to do so by Captain Macio. The boy received 20 strokes for not returning when told. All boys and kanakas between Kapsu and Kawieng were told that the situation was just the same as before. Arrived back at Kawieng at 10-15 p.m. tonight, to find Capt. Thorold and Lt. Sampson, my relief from Rabaul, had arrived and had taken over things in Kawieng.

(sgd.) Basil Holmes,

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