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At   4-30 p.m. Mr. Lucas, Representative, Burns, Philp & Coy. called at Government House and stated that the whole of the Merchants led by Mr. Taifert   - who seemed to act as their Spokesman - had declined to agree to support a monthly service if put on by Burns, Philp and Coy. and also refused to purchase any of the goods which had been brought up by the S.S. "Moresby".   

At 9-0 a.m. on the 20th instant, the Administrator sent for Mr. Taifert, and informed him that he had given consideration to his case and had decided to arrest him and sent  him aboard a ship in the harbour with a view to his being deported from the Colony, and the grounds that he regarded him as a disturbing element and altogether an undesirable man to retain at Rabaul.

Mr. Taifert pointed out that he had already taken the oath of neutrality; the Administrator replied that he was aware of this, and he also knew that such oath had since been broken as Mr. Taifert had lied to him in connection with the landing of the goods at Vuna Paka, and having found his word was unreliable he could not accept his statement that he had pass entries for the goods  brought by the "Siar" from Macassar, unless documentary evidence were produced. It  was not, however, all together on account of his actions with respect to the "Siar" that he (the Administrator) was now taking this action.   It was principally because, as previously stated, he regard him as a disturbing element and undesirable to retain in the Colony.

Mr. Taifert was then handed over to the custody of the  Provost Marshal, who was instructed not to allow him to have communication with anyone on shore, but to place him on board the "Meklong" under guard until such time as a vessel can be arranged for him to leave the Colony.

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