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Each man's equipment must be kept at the head of his sleeping quarters when not being worn.

The Fire  Brigade  members have sole charge of all fire prevention apparatus and of the  illuminating of the  Barracks, and no person is to interfere in anywise with same except in case of emergency.   All fire buckets are to be kept covered with mosquito  proof covering.

Each company of the Garrison once in each week will practice and carry out fire drill.

No fruit or other food will  be kept in the  Barracks unless same is kept in a mosquito proof receptacle on the ground floor.

Each company shall provide one man to attend at Headquarters as Garrison Orderly daily.

Great coats when not in use, must be neatly folded and placed at the heads of each man's sleeping quarters, and on no account shall be hung up in the Barracks.

Guards shall mount: -
(a) Daily at Barracks at 4 p.m. and be furnished by the company on duty; they will parade in marching order with filled water bottles and one days rations.
(b) Guards mounting shall be exempt from afternoon parades only.
(c) See also "Sentries."

All hammocks must be neatly rolled and placed at the head of each man's sleeping quarters and must be slung and placed in position for sleeping at 5.45 p.m. daily.

Horses are not to be taken or supplied   from the Garrison Stables without an order from Garrison Headquarters.

Kitbags are to be kept at the head of each man's sleeping quarters.

Any proved cases of looting will be most severely punished.

Every man using latrines must use dry earth before leaving to prevent fly infection and odour.
Companies may use only the proper latrines set apart for them,.
Each Company will appoint two permanent sanitary inspectors who will see that the regulations for latrines are properly observed.

1. - Sick Parade. - The sick will parade at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily at the Garrison Hospital.   All men reporting sick will be accompanied by a sick report in duplicate.   The N.C.O. doing duty as marching sick will be responsible that the sick reports are correctly filled in.   When a man is admitted to hospital, his kit only will accompany him, and for this a receipt will be given by the N.c.o. in charge of the hospital to the N.c.o. marching sick. The arms and accoutrements belonging to the man admitted will remain with his company.   N.C.O's and men admitted to hospital will  be accompanied by their rations  for the day drawn from their own company unless a special order to the contrary is given by the medical officer.

2. -   Tropical Dietary: -
(a) Tinned food must be eaten as soon as opened to prevent ptomaine poisoning, but salt food taken from tins will  keep for twenty-four hours if in ice chest.
(b) Fruit. - Paw-paw is the best fruit, as it materially aids digestion.   When ripe it is of a deep orange color.   Unripe paw-paw, when boiled, acts as a excellent substitute for vegetables.
(c) Vegetables  when eaten raw should be thoroughly cleaned by repeated washings in boiled water.
(d) Eating utensils should be washed in boiled water.
(e) All food  must be protected from flies, as the fly is the  chief source of infection of food by the dysenteric germ.

These must be placed in position for sleeping at 5.45 p.m. daily, and inspected by an officer from each company.

The Orderly Officer of the  day will promptly report any irregularities noticed on his visits.

Orderly Room is at 9 a.m. daily.

O.C. units to forward to Garrison Headquarters by the 7th of each month acquittance rolls in duplicate of their  respective commands for all amounts due to the  last day of each month.    Any acquittance rolls not received by the 7th day of each month will not be paid until the following month.   Troops will be paid on the 14th of each month.

For the convenience of members of the  Garrison a Post Office  has been opened at the Rabaul  Post Office where letters may be posted daily between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

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