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SUNDAY - 22nd NOVEMBER 1914:

Church Parade was held at Rabaul and Herbertshohe.

At 2-0 p.m. the "Meklong" returned from New Ireland, having on board Captain Ralston and 5 German Prisoners, viz. Dr. Bruenart, Herr Paul, Hornung and Koster who were implicated in the assault on the Rev. Mr. Cox detailed in previous diaries, also Herr Schaefer, Police Master, Namtanai. On arrival they were placed in cells. Portion of the Troops sent out with Captain Ralston on this Expedition returned in the "Meklong" - the balance, together with Native Troops, remaining at New Ireland with Captain Twynam and Lieut. Bruce. The "Meklong" also brought to Rabaul between 100 and 150 tons Copra, which was collected from outlying stations in New Ireland. Two sick Troops also returned by this vessel, one suffering from a pistol shot wound in the thigh accidentally inflicted by a comrade, and the other from sunstroke. They were conveyed to hospital on arrival.

Captain Ralston being in possession of information as to the whereabouts of Herr Wienand, also concerned in the Cox flogging case, returned to New Ireland in the "Balingot" at 10 p.m., taking with him 2 Soldiers and 4 Native Police. He anticipates being away 2 or 3 days.

At 8-30 p.m. the following message was received by the Administrator from Secretary, Defence:-

"Appears from Government Gazette issued by you, dated 15th October, 14, Page 6, that approval was given for services certain German Officials of late German Administration to be retained in an advisory capacity for period not exceeding three months from 12th September at same salary as they formerly received from German Administration. If this is so Minister considers services of such Officials should not be extended unless impossible to replace them and then extension should only be for such a period as will enable their replacement. Please wire report."

Health of Troops is generally satisfactory.

Current Status: