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The Ships in Company are:-
"Submarine AE1"
"Submarine AE2"

6-50 a.m.   message received from Captain of "Sydney" to Brigadier:-
"Inform Brigadier "Berrima" Troops sufficient."

At 9-45 a.m.     Captain of "Sydney" signalled  Brigadier:-
"Will you please have your report of "Kanowna" Troops ready for transmission to R.A.C. on joining at 8-0am to-morrow."

At 9-50 a.m.   a reply was sent, viz:-
"Report has already been prepared." and at 10-0 a.m. the "Sydney" signalled - "Thank you."

At 11-10 a.m. the "Sydney" signalled the following message from Admiral to Brigadier re Brigadier's proposals for occupation and administration of New Britain, etc:-
"I concur in your action."

At 1-50 p.m. the "Parramatta" and Steamers "Murex" and "Koolonga" were sighted.

9-0 p.m.   Wireless message was received; rendezvous 1000 was mistake.   3 miles North of Swinger Passage, Rossel Lagoon."

During the day the Troops were engaged on the following duties:-
Early morning parade:   All Units Physical Drill.
Forenoon:   Musketry Instruction, Lectures on Tropical Diseases and Instructions in Company Drill.
Afternoon:   Rifle Exercises, Musketry Instruction and Company Drill.

4-0 p.m.   The Brigadier and Commander Stevenson paid a visit to the Starboard Hospital and inspected the full medical and surgical equipment.

P.M.O. reports there are no cases of sickness.

At mid-night the Ship had sailed 260 nautical miles, making a total of 412 miles from Port Moresby.


Current Status: