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Appointment of Administrator.

The following Telegram from the Navy Office, Melbourne, to the Vice Admiral Commanding H.M. Australian Fleet, dated 26th September, 1914, is published for general information:-

"With reference to your Telegram 2120, 14th September, Government approval of Colonel Holmes appointment as Administrator.   Please inform him  that Government have appointed him accordingly."

It is notified for  general information that  the  following appointments have been approved by the Administrator:-
Officer Commanding Troops:- Lieut.Col. W.W. Russell-Watson, V.D.
Officer Commanding Garrison at Rabaul - Lieut-Col. J. Payton.
Officer Commanding Garrison at Herbertshohe - Commander J.A.H. Beresford, R.N.R.
Officer Commanding Garrison at Friedrich Wilhelmshafen   -Major Martin.
Treasurer - Captain W.A. Fry.
Director of Works - Lieut. Whittle, R.A.N.R.
Director of Lands and Surveys - Lieut. Goadby, R.A.E.
Assistant Judge Advocate General - Captain C.E. Manning.
Officer in Charge of Native Police - Capt. E. Twynam.
Asst.  Officer in Charge of Native Police - Lieut. G.O. Manning.
Officer in Charge of Government Stores and Transport Officer - Lieut. K. Heritage.
Troops Supply Officer - Paymaster Livesay, R.N.
Provost Marshal - Captain Ravenscroft.
Government Printer and Interpreter - Lieut. J. Lyng.
Post Master, Rabaul - Sergt. G.W. Moore.

The following appointment has been approved by Rear Admiral Commanding H.M. Australian Fleet:-
King's Harbour Master, Port of Simpsonhafen, New Britain - Lieut. Commander Jackson, R.N.

Captain Charles Edye Manning, Assistant Judge Advocate General is appointed as from the twelfth day of September, 1914, to act under the Military occupation of German New Guinea as Judge of the Colony, and to carry out all judicial and other duties ordinarily performed by the Bezirksrichter and the Bezirksgericht.
Dated the 10th day of October, A.D.1914.

John Bayley Lane is appointed as from twenty-third day of September 1914, to act at Court Secretary for the Colony of German New Guinea.
Dated the 10th day of October, 1914.

The following ordinances approved by the Administrator are published for  general information.

If during the British Military occupation of German New  Guinea, any offence committed within the said Colony, which, if committed by a person subject to the Army Act would render such a person liable to trial by Court Martial. then, notwithstanding that the person accused of such offence may not be a person so subject to the Army Act, such accused person may, in any case where the Administrator of the Colony shall so direct, be triable by Court Martial.

Until further notice the judgments of the Court will be final, and there will be no appeal therefrom.

The Graves of the Fallen.
As a result of a visit paid by the Administrator and his Staff to the scene of the fighting which took place on the road from Kabakaul to the Bitapaka Wireless Telegraph Station on the 11th September, the bodies of ableseamen Street of the Naval Reserves and the German soldier Ritter, have been exhumed from the position in which they were hurriedly buried where they fell at the side of the road, placed in shells and reinterred in the Cemetery at Herbertshohe, alonside the graves of Capt Pockley and A.B. Williams.
The work was performed by a party from the Herbertshohe Garrison under the personal supervision and direction of Capt. Donaldson, A.M.C.
An impressive burial service was held over the graves on Sunday 11th October, by Commander J.A.H. Beresford, R.A.N. which was attended by most of the men of the  Garrison all of whom were anxious to pay the last sad tribute of respect to the departed soldiers both British and German.
The bodies of Lieut. Commander Elwell and A.B. Courtney, are lying at Kabakaul where they were impressively laid to rest in a most suitable position by Commander Cumberlege of the Destroyer "Warrego".   It is not proposed to interfere with these.
The body of A.B. Moffatt who died on board H.M.A.S. "Australia" was buried at sea.


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