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Saturday - 19th September 1914

The Brigadier visited Rabaul in the forenoon to inspect Buildings and Safes for the Treasury.   Capt. Fry on arrival by the "Fantome", will take up the position of Treasurer.   
At 11 a.m. Lt Col. Watson and 3 Coys. Infantry who were at Herbertshohe, returned by the "Sumatra" to the "Berrima".   
The finding of the Field General Court Martial which assembled yesterday to try No. 1052 Pte. S. Hawkes was announced publicly on parade.   The sentence of six months imprisonment and discharge with ignominy was, however, commuted by the Brigadier to one month Field Punishment No. 2.
At Rabaul applications are being called from the ranks for the position of Post-master and Customs Officer during the term of military administration.
The New Guinea  Coy's Store will be utilised as a barracks for the troops during the wet season and extensive alterations are now being made.
A field oven is being constructed and bread will shortly be issued to the troops in lieu of biscuits.
Telephonic communication has been opened up between Rabaul and Government House, and Hospital at Nemanula.
The postage stamps seized are being "G.R.I." and will then be sold.
A Committee has been formed with a view to forming a Garrison Canteen.
The sanitary arrangements for the white population are excellent, but those in respect of the Native population are not so good.   The matter is, however, having the attention of the P.M.O.   This officer also reports that the health of the troops continues satisfactory.
The personnel of the A,M.C. is now distributed as follows: -
   Capt. Maguire and 8 others at Nemanula.
   Capt. Donaldson and 7 others at Herbertshohe.
   Capt. Byrne and 11 others on "Berrima"
   9 others at Rabaul.   
Captain Twynam, O.C. Native Police, has gone to enquire a supposed Native rising on the North-West Coast.   He


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