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Government Gazette.
The Military Government of New Britain

By Colonel W. HOLMES, D.S.O., V.D.,
Administrator, Rabaul.

Order No.5 of 1st October, 1914.

(1.) The Administrator has been pleased to make the following appointments, promotions, etc,:-

Major F.B. Heritage will act as Military Secretary in addition to his duties as Brigade Major.
Lieutenant and temporary Captain W. A. Fry to be Captain, dated 20th September, 1914.
Captain W.A. Fry to be Colonial Treasurer.
Captain C.H.D. Lane is appointed Staff Officer to the O.C. Troops, to date from 29th September, 1914.
Lieutenant B.T. Goady, R.A.F., to be Director of Lands and Surveys.
Paymaster A.F.B. Livesay, R.N., to be Supply Officer to the Troops of the Australian Naval and Military Expedition.
Lieutenant K. Heritage to be Supply Officer to the Administration, and Government Storekeeper.

(2.) The following matters will come under the control of the Director of Works.
(a) Maintenance and improvement of existing Water Supplies.
(b) Maintenance of Roads.
(c) Buildings, jetties, bridges, barracks.
(d) Construction of latrines, etc.
(e) Erection of office fittings.
(f) Overhaul and maintenance of all Government boilers and machinery.

(3.) Requisitions for works required to be carried out are to be sent in all cases to the Administration Headquarters, and not to the Director of Works.

Order No. 6 of 5th October, 1914.
The following orders are to be observed regarding the payment of troops.
(1.) Officers commanding units are to forward to the Paymaster, by the 8th inst., acquaintance in duplicate of their respective commands, for all amounts due to September 30th, inclusive.
(2.) Acquaintance rolls to be forwarded, so as to reach the Paymaster on the 8th of each month. Any rolls not received by that date will not be paid till the following month.
(3.) Troops will be paid on the 14th of each month. Applications for cash required to be made at the Paymaster's office on that date.
(4.) A Savings Bank has been established at the Treasury, and arrangements will be made to transmit monies, if required to Australia.

Order No. 7 of 6th October, 1914.

The Administrator directs that the existing tax levied on the gross turnover of business throughout the late German possessions in the Pacific, be slightly increased in accordance with attached schedule.
This has been necessitated by the large decrease in revenue receipts. The tax is on business turnover, and not on income only.

No.          Turnover          M.    p.c.
 1      under       4,000       1
 2      4,001 to   7,500       1    1.10
 3      7,501 to 10,000       1     1.5
 4    10,001 to 12,500       1     3.10
 5    12,501 to 15,000       1     2.5
 6    15,001 to  17,500       1     1.2
 7    17,501 to  20,000       1     3.5
 8    20,001 to  25,000       1     7.10
 9    25,001 to  30,000       1      4.5
10   30,001 to  35,000       1      9.10
11   35,001 to  40,000       2
12   40,001 to  45,000       2      1.10
13   45,001 to  50,000       2      1.5
14   50,001 to  75,000       2       3.10
15   75,001 to 100,000     2       2.5
16 100,001 to 150,000     2       9.20
17 150,001 to 200,000     2        1.2
18 200,001 to 300,000     2      11.20
19 300,001 to 400,000     2         3.5
20 400,001 to 500,000     2       13.20
21 500,001 to 750,000     2        7.10
22 750,001 to 1,000,000  2        1.5
23 over to 1,000,000        3

Major,Military Secretary.

Order No. 8 of 13th October, 1914.

(1.) The Administrator has been pleased to approve of the following promotions and appointments:-
Captain F.A. Maguire, A.A.M.C., to be Major and P.M.O., vice Lt. Col. M.R. Howse, V.C., returned to Australia. Dated. 12th October.
No. 258. Pte. G.W. Moore, to be Sergeant and Chief Postmaster.
No. 446. Pte. G.B. Lane, to be Sergeant and Secretary to the Court of Justice. Dated 2nd October.
(2.) Requisitions for stores, supplies, and work to be undertaken, are to be furnished on Mondays of each week.

Military Secretary.



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