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At 4-58 a.m. the following message to  the Administrator was received: -

"Letter for Commissioner, Ocean Island, carried by Steamer "Messina" is cancelled. Instructions to Master of "Messina"  insofar as they relate to Commissioner, Ocean  Island, are also cancelled.   "Messina may proceed Nauru without escort, taking 2 Officers and 50 others, so that half may cover landing of remainder.   All Germans to be brought back to Rabaul under guard.   Maintain military occupation until arrival Representative High Commissioner, Western Pacific.   Administrative work may be left to  Representative Pacific Phosphates Company.   Troops must take two months supplies - Pethebridge."

The Administrator interviewed the Captain of the "Messina" and officially informed that Officer he was to take a force to Nauru and return with German Prisoners.   The Administrator has decided to Accompany the Expedition. and will be accompanied by Captain Travers.   The force will consist of half Company Infantry under Command of Captain Norrie, accompanied by Lieut. Fisher.   Captain Donaldson will also remain in charge of a Detachment of A.M.C.   A machine gun (1 Sergeant and 6 Men) will be taken in order to protect the landing of Troops if necessary, and will act as a Guard over any German Prisoners brought away.   The "Messina" will return to Rabaul, and probably take Prisoners on to Sydney.

The "Meklong" with garrison for Kawieng, referred to in previous diaries, will not now leave until to-morrow, taking two months provisions for the Troops.   The 'Loringow' will also proceed to Kawieng with the "Meklong".

At 11-45 p.m. the following message was received from Navy Office: -
"Administrator:   Referring to occupation Nauru; note that German  Government Official there named Wostrack is under parole given to Melbourne, 9th September."

The following message was also transmitted to Navy Office: -
"Lt. Commander Lampton in command H.M.A.S. "Madang" yesterday captured vessel "Samoa", 300 tons Auxiliary Schooner at New Ireland."

Health of Troops is satisfactory.

Current Status: