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At 6-30 a.m. 'C' Company, under Lieut. Partridge, and accompanied by Lieuts. Kirke and Blackett, commenced a route march, proceeding in the direction of Herbertshohe. The Troops will indulge in skirmishing, advance, rear and flank guard actions, etc. They are expected to return early to-morrow.

The Administrator, and Lieut. Holmes, A.D.C., were still confined to their rooms today.

Private McGill, who accidentally sustained a pistol shot wound in the thigh, and Private Ward suffering from sunstroke, referred to in diary of 22nd Novr., are making satisfactory progress. It has not been possible to locate the bullet in McGill's thigh, and it has been decided to return him to Australia first opportunity. A Court of Enquiry into this latter case has been opened - Captain McPherson, President, Captain Harcus and Lieut. Quinn, Members.

The decision of the Court Martial on Private H.W. Webb, No. 786, was announced; the accused was found guilty of absenting himself from his guard, and acts prejudicial to good order and military discipline, and was sentenced to three months imprisonment with hard labor, and discharged with ignominy from His Majesty's Forces.

The health of the Troops is satisfactory.

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