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The Administrator interviewed the Manager of the New Guinea Coy. and informed him that the "Moresby", at the request of the Rabaul Merchants, had brought supplies, and it now rests with the Merchants to accept these supplies as every facility will be afforded for the disposal of same to outlying stations.

Report of the Board of Enquiry into the accident resulting in the death of Pte. Wates has been received and a finding of "accidental death" was returned.

The Enquiry into the explosion  on the 7th instant, resulting in Ptes. James and Guard sustaining severe injuries, has been postponed until such time as the two injured men are able to give evidence.

Report of O.C. Troops regarding looting by Troops at Mioka is also being held in abeyance owing to absence in the "Nusa" of certain Troops who are implicated.

Report in respect to Enquiry held into robbing of the R.C. Fathers at Malakoona has been received, but the Administrator has returned the papers to O.C. Troops in order that a Court Martial may be held to deal with the accused.

At 4-0 p.m. Mr. Lucas called on the Administrator at Government House, and reported that the whole of the  Merchants, led by the General Manager of the  New Guinea Coy., (Mr. Taifert), had declined to support a monthly service offered by Burns, Philp & Coy., and had refused to purchase any of the goods which had been brought from Sydney by the "Moresby".   The Provost Marshal verbally reported to the Administrator the circumstances connected with the surreptitious landing of goods at Vuna Paka on the North Coast from the "Siar".

The Administrator ordered the following message to be despatched to the Minister for Defence: -
"Merchants here decline "Moresby's" cargo; delay departure of "Matunga" until further advised.   "Moresby departs Suva Wednesday."

The following message was received from Port Moresby: -
"Telegram received from you 17th instant in 5 letter groups.   Cannot decipher.   For whom is it intended and what code are you using. etc."

This refers to message despatched in Sliding Alphabet Code, thanking Military Authorities at Suva for their congratulations on the capture of the "Komet".

Engineer-Lieut. Creswell, F.W.T.O, requested by wireless permission to hand over to the Administrator copy of Emergency Vocabulary and Long Distance Code.

No news received from Major Heritage on board the "Nusa."

Health of troops at Rabaul and Herbertshohe satisfactory.

Current Status: