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Sunday - 6th September 1914:
[On board the "Berrima"]

Early morning parade:   All Units were engaged on general fatigue.   Church Parade was held, Lieut. McLaghlan (Infantry) taking the Roman Catholics at 10-45 a.m. on the Flying Deck, while the Chaplain from the "Encounter" (the Rev. Stewart) conducted the service of the Protestant Denominations at 11-0 a.m. on the Well Deck Aft.

Afternoon parade:   Making and mending.

7-0 a.m. Mesage was received from the "Warrego" that the Company of Troops on shore from the "Kanowna" will be on board that ship at 3-30 p.m.

9-25 a.m.   The following message was received from the "Sydney":-
"Captain to Brigadier"
"Can you inform me why draft from "Kanowna" to "Sydney" has been cancelled. I have no information"

At 9-55 a.m. a reply was sent as follows:-
Berrima" to "Sydney"
Arrangements made for 50 Naval Reserve from "Berrima" to "Sydney" in conformity with last night's instructions from R.A.C. that the draft was to be from Troops that are to ultimately occupy Herbertshohe."

At 10-10 a.m. a further message was received from the "Sydney" as under:-
"Re draft; thank you.   I should like them sent over at daylight to-morrow."

The detachment consisted of 3 Officers and 50 men of the Naval Reserve under Lieut. Bowen, together with Capt. Pockley and one private from A.M.C. and an ample supply of medical and surgical equipment.   Six days rations for the whole detachment and 150 rounds of ammunition per rifle were taken.

The following general message was issued at 11-55 a.m.:-
"Squadron will sail at 8-0 to-morrow morning.   Steam for working cables at 7-30 a.m., steam for 12 knots at 8-0 a.m.   Order of sailing - "Sydney", "Berrima", "Kanowna", "Encounter", "Aorangi";   Submarines with "Sydney", Destroyers as convenient."

2-30 p.m. The Brigadier, [ie, Col. Holmes] accompanied by the Brigade Major, went on board the "Kanowna" to inspect the Troops.   The Brigadier considers the whole Unit absolutely unfitted for active service and has recommended that they not be taken further but returned at once to the State to which they belong. The Unit consists of 4 Companies; there was no Regimental Staff and Lieut. Fry from "A" Company 1st Infantry has been appointed Adjutant with temporary rank of Captain to repair this omission. The Officers, with two exceptions, are inexperienced and have had very little training; 7 of the 13 are 21 years of age and under; no Non-commissioned Officers have been appointed;   The Unit consists of 1/3rd Trainees and 2/3rd Rifle Club Members - many of the former exhibited very poor physical development, and the Medical Officer on board stated that some of the men were unfitted for service, suffering from Varicocele, Hernia, etc.   The men were in possession of only one




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