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Report was received from Colonel Watson stating that he intended to advance on Toma at 5-0 a.m. under cover of the guns of the "Encounter".   At 6-0 a.m. the "Encounter" shelled the ridge well.   A message was received from the Flagship that the Governor General, Sir Ronald Munro Ferguson, had forwarded a message of congratulations to the Admiral, and the latter also congratulated the Brigadier.   At 10-30 a.m. information was received that a force of about 400 Germans and 600 Natives was retiring from Baining towards Pondo or Torlu on the North West Coast (both places are in open Bight) where it is believed the "Komet", "Planet" and "Cormorant" are waiting to take them off to Friedrich Wilhelmshafen.   They are supposed to have a considerable quantity of food stuffs and 350 head cattle.   A road has been cut through South-west of the Baining Mountains and another one into these mountains.   It is thought that this information is to a certain extent correct, but the size of the force considerably exaggerated.

At 11-0 a.m. the Rear-Admiral came on board and conferred with the Brigadier.   It is the intention to send the "Sydney" around the North-west Coast to see if the foregoing information is correct, and from there she will she will proceed direct to Australia.   Later the Flagship will leave for Australia, the "Encounter", Destroyers and Submarines remaining here. The Destroyers will later on make a thorough reconnaissance of the North-west Coast.

Information has also been received that signal communication by way of the North Daughter, Ratabul, Watom Is., Natava Point and Baining is being kept open.   Lt.-Col. Paton is investigating this.

6-30 p.m.   Message received from Commander Beresford to the effect that no word had been received from  Col. Watson, and that the residents at Herbertshohe intimate they will receive no opposition as the enemy is retiring for many miles inland.

During the day all the Government Officials at Rabaul were placed under arrest and sent on board "Berrima" under Brigadier's instructions. These (with the exception of 2) and the 12 brought on board on Saturday, are being sent on the Flagship at 6-0 p.m. to be deported to Sydney.   All were allowed an opportunity of getting personal effects together before leaving.

A mail was  despatched at 4-30 p.m. including despatches by the Brigadier to the Chief of the General Staff.


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