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The following message was received from Thursday Island: -
"Following in German clear language at 4-45 a.m. 7th Octr. from a Telefunken Station, strength 10 - 1600 metres, but audible at 600 (?) metres, sending letters V & D for 15"  followed by two repetitions "Lookout" - "Australia" and large English Men-o-War have left Rabaul, going Eastward.   The Japanese Fleet is all over the place.   Today the English established communication with Rabaul - "Lookout".
(Please report all German signals intercepted - Navy Board."

In view of this the departure of the "Nusa" was hastened to locate the whereabouts of the "Komet".   The guns of the "Nusa" were tested and the  mountings proved very satisfactory.   At 4-0 p.m. Lt. Commander Jackson visited the Administrator at Government House.   He reported that Lt. Cooper had seen a vessel, the description of which tallied with that of the "Komet", steaming Eastward, North of Waton Island, towards New Ireland.   The "Nusa"" left at midnight and proceeded to search the coast of New Ireland, Lt. Commander Jackson in charge.   Lt. Col. Paton accompanied the Expedition.

The "Madang" with a 3 pounder and 1 machine gun, and 30 men, will leave at daybreak to-morrow and search the Duke York Group. Wireless communication will be established with the  "Nusa", and in the event of the "Madang" locating the "Komet" a message willl be sent from here to the "Nusa".

Captain Twynam returned from the R.C. Mission Station in the vicinity of Vuna Paka this morning.   He reports there was no foundation whatever for the report that arms, ammunition, etc. were concealed there; he made a thorough search of the Mission Station and surrounding locality.   Lt. Cooper returned at 3-0 p.m.

The men who visited the Mission Station at Malakoona on Monday, 5th instant, demanding money, have not yet been identified by the Mission Fathers.

Captain Maguire reports that the condition of Private James is still critical.   The other patients are progressing favorably.   The health of the troops continues excellent.

Current Status: