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1.   Destruction of Mosquitos. -   Mosquitos must be destroyed in their mature state, eggs, pupae, and larve.   Their favorite breeding places are:-
(a)   Shallow waters in which grow weeds, as shallow ditches & pools.
(b)   Edges of lakes.
(c)   Edges of running streams.
(d)   Rain water puddles.
(d)   Pools, puddles, and pits.

(a)   drainage and reclamation of swamps.
(b)   Filling in of pools and pits, and treatment with blue oil.
(c)   Small pools and puddles can be scooped out or swept out and filled with gravel.
(d)   Under no conditions allow stagnant water to remain about the camp.

2, -    Avoidance of being bitten, -
(1)   Mosquito proof house if possible.
(2)   Site for dwelling.
(a)   At least half a mile distant from, and on windward side of Native compound, swamp, or other breeding place.
(b)   On elevated ground if possible.
(c)   Surroundings should be cleared of undergrowth, weeds, grass, &c., for at least 200 square yards, and all holes and depressions in space filled with fine gravel.
(d) U shaped drains should be cut to carry away water in wet season, and if possible cement for some distance.

3. -   Mosquito Net.-
(a)   White.
(b)   Large size.
(c)   Nets should never be allowed to hang down beside the bed, or on the ground, as the favorite resting plade for the mosquito is under the bed.
(d)   Search net daily for holes.   If a defect is found, twist it up and tie with thread, or patch with new net.
(e)   Prepare net not later than 4 p.m.   Get in quickly underneath with towel, destroy any mosquitos which may be there, and get out quickly.
(f)   Put on clothing before coming out of net in the morning, if not, wear socks, and tuck pyjamas or trousers into them.

4. -   Quinine:-
Five grains must be taken daily, and ten grains on Sundays.

To avoid Dysentry attend to
1. -   Water Supply.
2. -   Inspection.

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